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Saturday, June 4th 2016, 10:50pm

Mr. Zhang, do you remember me

here, I would like to say to all the teachers: "you have worked hard! We will study hard in the future, and strive not to let the teacher you disappointed!"
Zhang, do you remember me?
the passage of time, the flight of time. Not long ago, I packed my home bookcase,hogan outlet, a photo fell on the ground. I picked it up a look, the original is the kindergarten graduation photo, to the left of the photo is my most unforgettable teacher.
Mr. Zhang, do you remember me?
"when I was young, I thought you were beautiful,hogan outlet, and led a group of birds flying around. When I thought you were very impressive, said a few words were also shaking heaven and earth......" We grow all contain a little bit of hard work of teachers, teachers "holding a heart,bottes ugg pas cher, don't take half root grass go" spirit make me admire,air max homme pas cher, make me moved!
< p > remember a time,hogan outlet, I in kindergarten at noon to eat vomit,hogan outlet online, vomited clothes pants all, then but cold winter ah! I was shivering. Miss Zhang, I went straight to the office without demur, pull up. She helped me take off my dirty clothes,hogan interactive outlet, then opened his wardrobe for a his cotton padded clothes to put on me, and found a pair of trousers for me to put on. Originally shivering, I began to feel warm mood stabilized,hogan outlet online, a teacher and stroked my head and said: "it's okay, the teachers help you wash clothes!" I nodded and said, "well, thank you, sir."!" The teacher smiled at me. She went to the side of the pool to help me seriously wash clothes, cold water to the teacher's hands are frozen red, but she is still meticulous in the wash, and not the slightest relaxation!
Zhang taught us only a year, but this year I was the happiest. Mr. Zhang is an ordinary teacher, dressed in a plain, with a charming smile on his face, but she in my mind is extraordinary. She is the greatest teacher in my heart.
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