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# User Character Class/Discipline Server Duration Encounter DPS HPS EHPS Options
1 buras Astushok Powertech/Advanced Prototype Vanjervalis Chain 2m 17s Operations Training Dummy 7.352 DPS 358 HPS 0 EHPS Open
2 Kinman Shìnzu Vanguard/Tactics Vanjervalis Chain 3m 43s Operations Training Dummy 4.496 DPS 156 HPS 0 EHPS Open
3 Kinman Shinzu Jedi Shadow/Serenity Vanjervalis Chain 2m 52s Operations Training Dummy 5.852 DPS 1.091 HPS 0 EHPS Open
4 Kinman Sahral Gunslinger/Dirty Fighting Vanjervalis Chain 3m 48s Operations Training Dummy 4.385 DPS 177 HPS 0 EHPS Open